Waking up in Croatia

July 14, 2017

Lol.  I woke up this morning as we coasted along the shores of Croatia.  I realized I had been so sleep deprived I hadn’t really thought about what to do once I arrived.  I am now sitting in the shade at the ferry station, using the internet and mapping out a track.  There are so many islands here, I don’t know where I would start.  I was invited to join my new friends from Norway on a small island off the coast and I will see if that would work for a night, as I need to continue making progress towards Corfu.  I have just committed to arriving by the evening of the 17th, which gives me 3 full days.  This may not be enough time to fully enjoy the Adriatic Sea and Croatia and surrounding countries, but I will do my best and have every intention of coming back with a sailboat and friends/family.

So far, I plan to buy a baguette sandwich at this little cafe and make my way to the Sea Organ to experience that for a while.


Other than that not too many other plans for the day.  I will probably try to stay in the area tonight as I am certainly not yet feeling rested, or maybe I can find a spot to sling my hammock.


By Lindsay

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