August 6, 2017

There are difficulties traveling alone, I think particularly for a woman. It is hard to make friends or know what men’s intentions are. And knowing myself well enough to know that I have a flirtatious demeanor and therefore try to be deliberate with my words and actions when meeting new people. But, I also just like to relax and have a good time. So I feel that I can be very cautious when agreeing to hang out with people since often times, the men seem to think there is some possibility of something more. Making friends with groups that include other women can also be difficult since I feel I am seen as competition in some way. But that may be in my head and I have just not met many groups of women that I click with lately. It is usually the worst, when there is a mixed group and the women are 99% having none of me.

I do, however, think I may have found a pair of fellow travelers that are friendly. It is strange to think that I have just met people and then I am writing about them, but this is a record of my experience for myself and very few other people actually read any of this.

By Lindsay

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