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June 19, 2017

Well, now as I sit down and try and reflect on the delightful conversation I just have been having, my traveler’s exhaustion is setting in and my mind struggles to recall much of anything.

I did not know that a large population in Bermuda speaks Portuguese and comes from the Azores. I love Portuguese and I will love going to the Azores when that times comes! I have a somewhat idyllic memory of visiting Portugal as a child and staying at old stone estate we referred to as “The Quinta.”

I am told that Horeshoe Bay is an amazing place to visit the beach, has a refreshment stand, and you are able to shower after swimming if you should desire.

I initially felt very excited hearing that today is the last day of Carnival here, as well as Hero’s Day. Sounds like a big party!! And I am ready to do a little dancing! But…after talking with my host, and first friend on the island, I am introduced to such amazing and beautiful things to do in the area as well.

The arboretum is a few blocks away and sounds like an amazing place for an evening stroll. I can feel myself debating about pushing through the exhaustion and go, go, going. But then my self-compassion chimes in and reminds me to take care of myself. I may need a little rest and time to acclimate.

I am told there are many people in the boating community here that I must meet and have coffee with! I think I will make an effort and do a few things well, letting people get to know me when I am feeling vibrant and outgoing.

The waters are beautiful here! I do love my little conversation I regularly have with the sea about what’s on the other side? Just about anywhere else, including here.

I have landed safely and soundly and I am feeling very comfortable and excited.

By Lindsay


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    Rachel Horton White

    I love it! I just happened to see this and love what you’re sharing!! It’s fascinating and I feel like I’m there with you!

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    Hi Lindsay, I don’t know if you remember me but we chatted briefly at one of Rachel’s small gatherings. You made one small comment toward me and I will remember it because it was very kind. We met very briefly but I could tell that you are a very sweet, adventurous person. I was really interested– and impressed — in hearing about your sailing adventure. I’m glad you made it safely to Bermuda and are getting to meet other adventurous travelere and locals. Meeting people can be the best part about traveling, as you know. Since you are such an interesting and kind person, I am sure that you will be attracting a lot of new friends and fellow travelers.

    I have been having some sailing synchronicity lately — my new friend Bill invites me to join him on his sailboat every few days. I am geting to know the coast around Freeport, ME. I hadn’t realized that the sea around Freeport is still considered part of Casco Bay — I think of Casco Bay as being in Portland. I have also been dating a new woman who spends her long vacations sailing solo around the Caribbean. I am hoping she will take me along one day. I wish you a fun and healthy sail everywhere you go. You are smart to make sure that you get some good rest before you rush around taking in every local party. I am learning that it is bad to be sleep deprived and anxious, which I have been until recently. Support from new friends has made a huge differenc in my life over the last year. I hope you are happy and that the seas have been gentle with you.

    What islands are coming up in your future? When do you return to Maine?


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      Hi Wayne! Of course I remember you! I’m glad you found me on here and thank you for your kind words. Bermuda went well! And after a few days back in Maine I have endeavored on an adventure in the Mediterranean. I posted the wish list that the boat owner sent me and we will see what pans out! I plan to be back in Maine again towards the end of the summer and am hoping to work on some deliveries south out of New England. We will have to meet up for tea when I get back! I hope all is well with you and keep in touch!


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