So this has all gone very differently than planned, but meant to be I am sure.  I am taking the “commuter” flight back to Boston which flies in and out of Bermuda at least daily.  I did not expect to leave Bermuda on a plane but I am not complaining.

After multiple systems on the Oyster 485 failed and then the wind died and we had to limp back to Bermuda for three+ days, to cover the 180NM we had travelled towards Antigua.  I will be happy to be home for  a few days before I depart to the Mediterranean to get on a catamaran there.  That cat will be traveling daily in the Med leaving Zadar, Croatia and traveling through the Greek Islands and eventually ending up in Turkey some 6 weeks later.  So far, I am signed on for at least that much of the passage.  There will be five other players on this boat, a male and female owner, two male crew and two female crew including myself.

I have had such a wonderful time in Bermuda.  I have spent time all over the island and have been off the beaten path often.  So strangely, when I got off of the Oyster and came back to my air bnb, there was another guest staying here also.  He lives in Brooklyn, is from Montenegro and will be there while I am in the area!  It was fun hanging out for a few days and he was incredibly helpful in helping me to figure out how to travel to that area.  Ie. I didn’t know there was a ferry across the sea from Italy to Zadar! How would I?  Very enjoyable guy.

I am realizing the bird at the air bnb has learned a few phrases from me and is now repeating them in my voice, as he does.  He is too funny.  The dog has begun to warm up to me, but she had a hurtful past and I am not pushing her to be open to me until she is ready.  It has been really sweet to see her inch a little closer every day.  This household has been so warm and welcoming to me since I have been on the island, I find myself missing them whenever I leave.

I have already packed and just need to get ready to go now.  I am going to the Crystal Caves on my way to the airport since I was too late yesterday, once I remembered about them and tried to make it there.

Bermuda has been wonderful and I look forward to returning.

Things I’m learning about bermuda

Well, now as I sit down and try and reflect on the delightful conversation I just have been having, my traveler’s exhaustion is setting in and my mind struggles to recall much of anything.

I did not know that a large population in Bermuda speaks Portuguese and comes from the Azores. I love Portuguese and I will love going to the Azores when that times comes! I have a somewhat idyllic memory of visiting Portugal as a child and staying at old stone estate we referred to as “The Quinta.”

I am told that Horeshoe Bay is an amazing place to visit the beach, has a refreshment stand, and you are able to shower after swimming if you should desire.

I initially felt very excited hearing that today is the last day of Carnival here, as well as Hero’s Day. Sounds like a big party!! And I am ready to do a little dancing! But…after talking with my host, and first friend on the island, I am introduced to such amazing and beautiful things to do in the area as well.

The arboretum is a few blocks away and sounds like an amazing place for an evening stroll. I can feel myself debating about pushing through the exhaustion and go, go, going. But then my self-compassion chimes in and reminds me to take care of myself. I may need a little rest and time to acclimate.

I am told there are many people in the boating community here that I must meet and have coffee with! I think I will make an effort and do a few things well, letting people get to know me when I am feeling vibrant and outgoing.

The waters are beautiful here! I do love my little conversation I regularly have with the sea about what’s on the other side? Just about anywhere else, including here.

I have landed safely and soundly and I am feeling very comfortable and excited.

Departure is upon me

After weeks of planning and trying to predict the future, a few sleepless nights and a rough several past hours, I am finally en route to Bermuda. It was bittersweet leaving friends in Maine, but it is reassuring that they are people I will surely miss while I’m away, connection Is am grateful to have made.

Traveling has been smooth and uneventful so far.