July 31, 2017

So now that I am set to board a boat in Gibraltar on August 6, I am looking at how I will get there.  It is not as a passenger or as crew, but as a student.  There are many RYA Milebuilding and training programs available, and I have decided at this point… going so long without a boat or one on the horizon that I need to bite the bullet and just sign up for something.  I am now in communication with a few sailors that I have connected with via a friend in the US.  I will see what leads that may provide, but will continue to make progress towards Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco.  Am I dreaming?  What an incredible group of places that I have been wanting to go for some time.

I may experiment with a grammar and/or syntax checker for my posts in the future, but for now I am pretty sure that these come across in my speaking voice.

I am thinking I will stay in Geneva through the national holiday tomorrow and perhaps leave Wednesday or Thursday. My plans will take me to Gibraltar via Lyon, Barcelona, and Cordoba.  I have inputed some of those travel details into the idea calendar under the About Me tab.  Feel free to comment and/or suggest things to do and see.  This will not be my first time in any of those places, but traveling via train, during the day may prove to be a new experience.  It has also been a long time since I’ve visited and I am certain I have new eyes through which to see.

Here is a link to site offering a little bit of information on the upcoming holiday:

Brunch at local farms to celebrate? 

That may be it for now.  I have much to say, but feel a little scattered putting it all into the post.


By Lindsay

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