July 22, 2017

After I made my way, essentially chasing the sailboat down the coast, I spent one night onboard and jumped ship.  I struggle with the line between the experience I am having and respecting the lives and privacy of those that are part of my reality.  As I want to share the good and the bad, but I cannot decide if I should share it all on here.

A few previous experiences have been left out, or at least left unpublished.  But I have still told them to family and friends verbally, and they were terribly entertaining to tell and seemingly so to hear.

I am torn with holding on to my original plan and being open to what I am meant to do in the moment.  I am currently very happy to be back in Croatia for at least a few days, staying with my Norwegian friends.   I need to rest and recoup a little from traveling.  I am looking at my bigger plans and I may have to incorporate some of the yoga training into this experience while I am traveling inland.  I am hoping to go to Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal and Morocco and see what I can find for myself there.  Randomly, a life-changing yoga festival I attended in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, has a European counterpart which is happening in the south of France in one week’s time.  I am currently looking at the train schedules for Austria and Switzerland.

By Lindsay

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