July 13, 2017

First leg of travel down, 3+ more to go. Uneventful so far. Met a few nice people on that last flight and in the airport. A good reminder that I am personable and fun to talk to. I get caught up feeling like I am awkward or lack charisma- I don’t actually junk those things are true so it is nice to have a reminder.

I did not really sleep on that last flight, but it is just after midnight at home so I guess that is no surprise. I have been trying to manage this cold while staying alert yet well rested. We’ll see.

I just realized I never caught her name, but there was a Czech gal sitting on the other end of our otherwise unoccupied center row of four seats. We chatted and got along well. We were resting head-to-head against the center most armrest, watching our shows.

I met an interesting anesthesiologist, from D.C. traveling to do refugee work.

I tried these little earplug things to help with pressure while flying. They seemed to work well on the way up and I felt fine when I took them out once we had reached altitude.

And then I didn’t put them back in in time for the way down! Currently one plugged ear.

…after a quick cappuccino and we are boarding for Rome.


By Lindsay

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