July 19, 2017

I realized that my inReach battery must have died at some point and stopped tracking me, but for the most part this shows my movement since I’ve crossed the ocean.

How have I gotten to where I currently am?  Sitting at a cafe called Chocolate in the port of the Greek island Igoumenitsa?  I will avoid the philosophical joking and focus on just literally the planes, trains and automobiles that were involved in my long and winding road to this seat.

train to Boston > flight to Lisbon > flight to Rome > flight to Ancona > ferry to Zadar > bus to Split > ferry to Hvar > ferry to Dubrovnik > ferry to Bari > ferry to Igoumenitsa > bus to Lefkana and that’s all I have planned.  I will figure out getting to the marina once I get there.  I have had to accept the fact that sometimes you just get on and figure out the next leg when you get there.

By Lindsay

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