Glad I didn’t put that baby wipe down the head

August 30, 2017

The baby wipe that was heard around the world. Apparently there was a language breakdown, miscommunication, lack of understanding, loss in translation, etc, etc. But all I know is I’m glad I’m not the one that did it. The wrath of Lin is one thing, an tremendous thing at that, but now they are both mad. I spend as much of the past twenty minutes in my cabin organizing, mainly to avoid any loose, flying, verbal shrapnel.

Baby wipes down the head. That is where visual signs would be effective. But saying you have that much Sailing experience and to put baby wipes down a hand pumped, self contained toilet.

Wow. Sam and I are laughing about how different the reaction would have been if it had been one of us! Heaven forbid one of the girls had done it! Phew. Dodged that one. Safe for now. Last chance for a while to be booted to the dock. Lol

By Lindsay

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