July 19, 2017

I don’t know what I ever expect when I book a cabin on a ferry with a shower. Always disappointing. Now on the other hand, yesterday on the ferry from Dubrovnik to Barî decided to go bare bones and only buy a seat on deck. However when I got on I was greeted with a huge and helpful smiling Italian man who wisked up my luggage and brought me to the reclining seat area which actually looked pretty comfortable and said have a seat, wait and he’d be back. Lol, he went and spoke with someone and got me upgraded. It was actually really sweet. I was able to partially set up my hammock so that my whole lower body was level and I was even able to sleep on my side! I also utilized my cozy little cocoon, sleeping bag liner, neck pillow and eye mask. It all turned out pretty nicely and I actually slept pretty well. I had intended to get up and shower before getting off of the boat this morning, but changed my mind after seeing an overturned trashcan full of vomit sitting in the sink in the bathroom which had no paper of any kind. At that moment I was over that boat. I did have a few moments of unrest when I woke up to a man, about as close as possible to me, sleeping head back, snoring ala sleep apnea choke-snore-gasp-choke-silence-choke-gasp. It was 3 in the morning and I knew if I could just fall back asleep it would be morning before long.

And in all fairness, the included photo was from my first ferry cabin, Ancona, Italy to Zadar, Croatia and was actually pretty nice.

By Lindsay

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