As I found myself refusing to part with these two hefty guides, I relievingly found them sourced online.  Most of the content seems to be linked and searchable.  Although I am a tactile person, I have been aggressively shaving weight from my bag and these two have been teetering on the edge.  I made several attempts to just look and find what information I may find useful, but that was absolutely impossible since so many things, places, contacts, opportunities were dazzling before my eyes with every turn of the page.  I hope I am not making a mistake by leaving these books behind, in a landlocked area of the UK.  Perhaps they may be found and inspiring to a seeking heart.



I have safely arrived in Gibraltar and things are better than I could have imagined thus far. Everyone seems nice and the instructors seem to be very experienced. I have a berth to myself and a own cabin to boot. The bathrooms all function and there is even plenty to eat on board. Seems like little things, but they can make a difference. 😉  Off to my first class.



And in classic Lindsay-fashion, I am continuing to peruse all of my available options.  I recently signed. up for something called Ocean Crew Link.  [linked HERE] And I have begun looking into longer, more serious passage/training opportunities.  Like those offered out of the UK, by Professional Yacht Deliveries.  [linked HERE]

I came across a pretty helpful article about finding the right situation and getting along with people, sight unseen.  I have linked the article from Yachting World [HERE]

This post seems to be pretty much a placeholder for my recent research, but that is a function of this site, no?



So now that I am set to board a boat in Gibraltar on August 6, I am looking at how I will get there.  It is not as a passenger or as crew, but as a student.  There are many RYA Milebuilding and training programs available, and I have decided at this point… going so long without a boat or one on the horizon that I need to bite the bullet and just sign up for something.  I am now in communication with a few sailors that I have connected with via a friend in the US.  I will see what leads that may provide, but will continue to make progress towards Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco.  Am I dreaming?  What an incredible group of places that I have been wanting to go for some time.

I may experiment with a grammar and/or syntax checker for my posts in the future, but for now I am pretty sure that these come across in my speaking voice.

I am thinking I will stay in Geneva through the national holiday tomorrow and perhaps leave Wednesday or Thursday. My plans will take me to Gibraltar via Lyon, Barcelona, and Cordoba.  I have inputed some of those travel details into the idea calendar under the About Me tab.  Feel free to comment and/or suggest things to do and see.  This will not be my first time in any of those places, but traveling via train, during the day may prove to be a new experience.  It has also been a long time since I’ve visited and I am certain I have new eyes through which to see.

Here is a link to site offering a little bit of information on the upcoming holiday:

Brunch at local farms to celebrate? 

That may be it for now.  I have much to say, but feel a little scattered putting it all into the post.



Perhaps I had been a little overly optimistic.

Lol, last night I went to get something to eat in the area in which I am staying. They seemed to speak and understand English fairly well when I asked what the best thing to eat was, and enthusiastic to boot. When I pointed to the prepackaged paperboard container the chef was pulling from the microwave and asked, if that was my food? Lol, cooked in the microwave? They had spontaneously forgotten any English they once had know and lost all interest in me.

Now I am not a full-on foodie, whatsoever. I enjoy nice meals, tasty, nourishing, interesting, inspiring meals. But I certainly focus on and remember the company with which I’ve shared fantastic meals.

I have a dazzling memory of first having Coney Island Dogs with my friend Todd in his local area of Massachusetts. Lol, I can still remember the surroundings and the taste. We were visiting where he had most recently lived and we went to the “package store” for lunch. Of course I said, I would have whatever he suggested. A Coney Island dog is not a culinary delicacy, and probably considered far from. But it is a wonderful memory for me.

The other night, the Norwegian couple invited me out to dinner with them. Another female friend from Sweden and her male visitor came along as well. I had the un pleasure of sitting next to said male friend. Apparently he had visited the Caribbean at some point as it came up in conversation. The company inquired about the local cuisine which he quickly discounted as just bad. I tried to er a word in edgewise, which was quite a challenge. And then when you feel you have to burst into a conversation to even participate, it certainly dulls the sparkle of the moment. So I tried to contribute that during one of my many family trips to the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, French West Indies, Northern Antilles (?)… that the memories I have were not of the food itself. When you are in such an incredible place, enjoying those closest to you, what is the point of a meal beyond gathering together for replenishment.

Some of my favorite memories are of being on a sailboat with my sisters and parents. As well as being on a sailboat with friends. Waking up together. Breakfast, coffee, bathroom run if possible. Pulling anchor and setting sail. Snacking or a light lunch while underway. Dropping anchor, swimming, showering. Dressing in dry clothes and either taking the dinghy to shore for a meal, or cooking what we had or had caught on the boat. Evening were a time of lingering at the table. Playing cards, talking, laughing. Then slowly one by one retiring to our bunks with the anticipation of doing it all over again.

Not sure where this story started, but it has finished in a very comforting, cozy and happy place in my memory.



0. Corfu, Gouvia Marina
1. Lefkada, Lefkas Marina

2. Patras
3. Corinth Canal
4. Salamina island

5. Piraeus, Zea Marina

6. Poros
7. Hydra
8. Kea
9. Kithnos
10. Adamantas
11. Ios
12. Oia (Santorini caldera)
13. Astipalea
14. Rhodes

15. Fethiye, Gocek Marina, Turkey

16. Marmaris, Turkey
16. Kos
17. Bodrum, Turkey
18. Didim, Turkey

19. Samos
20. Chios
21. Behrem, Turkey

22. Canakkalle (Dardanelles narrows, Turkey)
23. Gallipoli
24. West Marmara, Turkey

25. Istanbul, Turkey

26. Bosporous narrows
27. Yalta
28. Odessa
29. Istanbul

Any thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


Holy cow.  After a few days back in Maine, getting hit hard with a cold, I am now on the train to Boston… to catch a flight to Italy, via Portugal, to get on a ferry to Zadar, Croatia!  I think I planned it well, that I will have a sleeping cabin on the ferry with a shower that will be overnight so I perhaps can get rested after flying for two days.  And hopefully have a nice shower before I get off in Zadar at 7am.  I am actually pretty pleased with this plan as I tend to need a sort of “landing” experience once I fly somewhere, or else I am kind of running off kilter for a while.  I plan to make an effort to take as good care of myself as possible over the next few days of traveling and I am desperately hoping my cold will dissipate!

I did get a surprising bit of news that JojoMaria, the 50′ Beneteau I am boarding for the summer was unable to immigrate into Croatian waters.  I was told, they were told, they needed to have a captain with a Croatian license.  I found that out just after I pulled the trigger and bought my tickets to get over there.  But if I had known, perhaps I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see Croatia this time!  Meant to be, I’m sure.  It will also give me a chance to connect with the friend I made at the Air Bnb in Bermuda.  Did I ever share that part?  I made a friend who live in NY, but is from Montenegro and is currently home for a three week visit, I am hoping to connect with him and perhaps do a little traveling together.  I am making an effort to learn some Croatian phrases, but I do not have much in my wheelhouse to connect it to.

So I need to be in Corfu, Greece by the night of the 17th, in order to be on the boat to depart the 18th, which is the current plan to the best of my understanding. I would absolutely l-o-v-e to travel from Croatia by sea, and I will continue to put that desire out there.  that would be incredible!  The islands and the Adriatic Sea look amazing.

I cannot believe how lucky I am and how things have really changed for m hint he last year.  It has been pretty comical, reflecting on that with friends and family.  A year ago, today… Lol.  This past year at the Landing School seems as though it were destined to be, a lot of stars had to align to put me in those places at those times.


So this has all gone very differently than planned, but meant to be I am sure.  I am taking the “commuter” flight back to Boston which flies in and out of Bermuda at least daily.  I did not expect to leave Bermuda on a plane but I am not complaining.

After multiple systems on the Oyster 485 failed and then the wind died and we had to limp back to Bermuda for three+ days, to cover the 180NM we had travelled towards Antigua.  I will be happy to be home for  a few days before I depart to the Mediterranean to get on a catamaran there.  That cat will be traveling daily in the Med leaving Zadar, Croatia and traveling through the Greek Islands and eventually ending up in Turkey some 6 weeks later.  So far, I am signed on for at least that much of the passage.  There will be five other players on this boat, a male and female owner, two male crew and two female crew including myself.

I have had such a wonderful time in Bermuda.  I have spent time all over the island and have been off the beaten path often.  So strangely, when I got off of the Oyster and came back to my air bnb, there was another guest staying here also.  He lives in Brooklyn, is from Montenegro and will be there while I am in the area!  It was fun hanging out for a few days and he was incredibly helpful in helping me to figure out how to travel to that area.  Ie. I didn’t know there was a ferry across the sea from Italy to Zadar! How would I?  Very enjoyable guy.

I am realizing the bird at the air bnb has learned a few phrases from me and is now repeating them in my voice, as he does.  He is too funny.  The dog has begun to warm up to me, but she had a hurtful past and I am not pushing her to be open to me until she is ready.  It has been really sweet to see her inch a little closer every day.  This household has been so warm and welcoming to me since I have been on the island, I find myself missing them whenever I leave.

I have already packed and just need to get ready to go now.  I am going to the Crystal Caves on my way to the airport since I was too late yesterday, once I remembered about them and tried to make it there.

Bermuda has been wonderful and I look forward to returning.

…and back in Bermuda

Wow, so it seems difficult to recap what I have just experienced over the past week.  Which is a good reminder for me to try and post and update as I go that it does not become a feat in the end.  I would also really love to be able to post pictures as I go, with or without internet access so if anyone has any suggestions please share them below.

So my Bermuda to Antigua delivery turned into a departure from Bermuda, a +/-160nm trip offshore, numerous system failures and then three and a half days limping back to Bermuda in the doldrums of 2-4kts of wind.  Still a very interesting trip, particularly when you put four strangers in a stressful scenario.  Lol, that just reminded my of the concept for mTV’s The Real World.  I may have a show here.

I have much to share regarding the trip and some of the characters in this particular episode, but as I have just arrived back in Hamilton, off of the boat I may need a moment to settle as I have been hustlin’ big time.  I am planning to head back to Maine for a few days before traveling to Croatia to get on a yacht for the next 1-2 months which will sail through the Greek Islands and arrive in Istanbul in August.  I feel lucky to have essentially a dry run to get the kinks out and know what I needed to pack and what I did not need.  I have never been sailing in the Mediterranean and I am very much looking forward to it!!

Just settling for the evening.  My first on land in about ten days.  And then laundry!