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It certainly has been a long time since I have posted and there is much to catch up on. Before I transfer all of the posts I have been writing offline on my laptop, I wanted to update you on what is happening with me today.

We just had a special Puja— let me back up just a tad. I am currently at the Ayurveda Yoga Village in Kumta, southern part of India on the west coast. The Festival of Lights, Dewali, is about to begin all over India. I have inserted a screenshot of the information I found, just as a tiny quick aside.  But I seem to be having trouble getting the image to lock so that I am able to continue writing and keeping the image where it is.  Ok, see below for image I am referring to.


I have made my way to visit the Swendsens in Sandefjord, Norway.  I am always tired from flying, and I am beginning to think it is from the stress of going thru an airport and dealing with the people in it.  So I will try and just unload all the thoughts, sites and conversations I have been having and wish to share.

  • There was a huge whaling scene in olden Sandefjord
  • I went thru the oldest city in Norway on the train today, Treinanfjord?
  • How much I miss going for walks and talks with girl friends
  • How amazing using nearly all candle light in the evening/ night can be
  • Baking delicious, hearty bread— light lunch spread with pate, cheese, meats, butter, jam, tomato mackerel, caviar paste mayonnaise
  • If you buy a public transport ticket in Oslo, it is good for all forms: boats, buses, trains
  • Mushroom hunting and making mushroom pies (tarts)



As I found myself refusing to part with these two hefty guides, I relievingly found them sourced online.  Most of the content seems to be linked and searchable.  Although I am a tactile person, I have been aggressively shaving weight from my bag and these two have been teetering on the edge.  I made several attempts to just look and find what information I may find useful, but that was absolutely impossible since so many things, places, contacts, opportunities were dazzling before my eyes with every turn of the page.  I hope I am not making a mistake by leaving these books behind, in a landlocked area of the UK.  Perhaps they may be found and inspiring to a seeking heart.


Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

I’ve been told that this is a favorite destination of a friend.  I’ve tried to make note of it, but clearly, my blogging skills are still developing…

Santa Cruz is the capital and largest city of Tenerife. Located in the north-eastern corner of the Canary islands, it holds an important seaport and is also a tropical resort with impressive scenery and mild tropical climate. It can be, however, a bit disappointing, from the tourist point of view, when compared to other towns of the island with astonishing sights and wonderful city centres. Santa Cruz is a more austere city which has been the main shopping area of the island for years, especially for electronic devices. A modern town with plenty of industry and with a busy sea port.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is famous for its commercial stores. If you wish to go shopping in Tenerife, don’t miss the shopping area of Santa Cruz’s city centre (streets Castillo, San José, del Pilar, Viera and Clavijo), the shops in Rambla street and the shopping malls of Avenida de 3 Mayo and Añaza.

The most popular place in Santa Cruz is “La Plaza de España” (square of Spain) right by the sea, here stands one of the main administrative buildings the “Cabildo de Tenerife”.

Behind the “Plaza de la Candelaria” you will discover the 16th century church of “La Concepcion” and higher up is the charming “Plaza del Principe” square, next to which stands the18th century church of San Francisco and the convent which houses the Local Museum of Arts. In Pilar street, stands an 18th century church of “Pilar”, follow this street to one of finest places in Santa Cruz, the Park of Garcia Sanabria where you’ll find lush trees of all kinds.

Tenerife’s Auditorium, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is also a monument worth visiting, an original white building whose roof simulates the sail of a ship.

The famous beach of Las Teresitas is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. An excellent beach with golden sand which was brought from the Sahara dessert to cover the black volcanic sand typical from this part of the island.



I have safely arrived in Gibraltar and things are better than I could have imagined thus far. Everyone seems nice and the instructors seem to be very experienced. I have a berth to myself and a own cabin to boot. The bathrooms all function and there is even plenty to eat on board. Seems like little things, but they can make a difference. 😉  Off to my first class.



Not a heat lover.  So what am I doing here?  I am trying to get back on the water and it is not necessarily proving to be very easy.  My nearest option is to just stay close to the water.  Here are a few things I thought of doing along the way to Gibraltar.

The Beaches in Valencia

To do in Roquetas de Mar:




Then there are the things I will try to do in Gibraltar.  One would be to get STCW Certified, by doing that here.


So this was potentially the proposed plan for the next leg of this journey.

I am not necessarily enjoying the constant moving around.  It is a lot different perpetually moving with companions and a vehicle.  Not needing to always pack up and get out in the morning.  Always knowing you have a fairly predictable place to sleep.

For one, my bag is proving difficult to manage.  I may have to unload some stuff at some point.  But even with the clothes I have, I don’t necessarily like any of my outfit options.

Anyways, perhaps I can place a few notes here for the travel plans I am considering.

Direct Ferries Barcelona – Mallorca – Ibiza – Valencia

Renfe Train Tickets Barcelona to Valencia

Alsa Train Tickets Valencia to Almeria




There are difficulties traveling alone, I think particularly for a woman. It is hard to make friends or know what men’s intentions are. And knowing myself well enough to know that I have a flirtatious demeanor and therefore try to be deliberate with my words and actions when meeting new people. But, I also just like to relax and have a good time. So I feel that I can be very cautious when agreeing to hang out with people since often times, the men seem to think there is some possibility of something more. Making friends with groups that include other women can also be difficult since I feel I am seen as competition in some way. But that may be in my head and I have just not met many groups of women that I click with lately. It is usually the worst, when there is a mixed group and the women are 99% having none of me.

I do, however, think I may have found a pair of fellow travelers that are friendly. It is strange to think that I have just met people and then I am writing about them, but this is a record of my experience for myself and very few other people actually read any of this.


And in classic Lindsay-fashion, I am continuing to peruse all of my available options.  I recently signed. up for something called Ocean Crew Link.  [linked HERE] And I have begun looking into longer, more serious passage/training opportunities.  Like those offered out of the UK, by Professional Yacht Deliveries.  [linked HERE]

I came across a pretty helpful article about finding the right situation and getting along with people, sight unseen.  I have linked the article from Yachting World [HERE]

This post seems to be pretty much a placeholder for my recent research, but that is a function of this site, no?