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It certainly has been a long time since I have posted and there is much to catch up on. Before I transfer all of the posts I have been writing offline on my laptop, I wanted to update you on what is happening with me today.

We just had a special Puja— let me back up just a tad. I am currently at the Ayurveda Yoga Village in Kumta, southern part of India on the west coast. The Festival of Lights, Dewali, is about to begin all over India. I have inserted a screenshot of the information I found, just as a tiny quick aside.  But I seem to be having trouble getting the image to lock so that I am able to continue writing and keeping the image where it is.  Ok, see below for image I am referring to.


I have made my way to visit the Swendsens in Sandefjord, Norway.  I am always tired from flying, and I am beginning to think it is from the stress of going thru an airport and dealing with the people in it.  So I will try and just unload all the thoughts, sites and conversations I have been having and wish to share.

  • There was a huge whaling scene in olden Sandefjord
  • I went thru the oldest city in Norway on the train today, Treinanfjord?
  • How much I miss going for walks and talks with girl friends
  • How amazing using nearly all candle light in the evening/ night can be
  • Baking delicious, hearty bread— light lunch spread with pate, cheese, meats, butter, jam, tomato mackerel, caviar paste mayonnaise
  • If you buy a public transport ticket in Oslo, it is good for all forms: boats, buses, trains
  • Mushroom hunting and making mushroom pies (tarts)


The following information is from the site linked HERE



The monsoon season is the best time to undergo Panchakarma, an annual treatment for cleaning the body and the expulsion of the physical and mental toxins accumulated in the organs and tissues. Contrary to common belief, diseases do not appear suddenly, but they are preceded by specific signs. Symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, frequent colds, headaches, joint pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, etc. …, reveal a state of metabolic imbalance and the presence of toxins in the body. If we do not eliminate these toxins from our body, these symptoms can turn into diseases. To prevent these, it is necessary to purify the body undergoing a full Panchakarma treatment.

Reasons why the Panchakarma should be performed in a clinic or hospital in India:

• Treatments and natural medicines administered to patients by our physicians are customized according to imbalances of the doshas of each individual.
·These treatments are carefully prepared by our Vaidyas in our pharmacies and their validity is limited to a few days.
• Diets during Panchakarma are strict which requires careful monitoring by our medical team in house. Throughout the process of Panchakarma, ayurvedic physicians conduct rigorous follow ups.

Who can receive Panchakarma?
All healthy individuals should receive Panchakarma annually for 3 weeks. Classical texts such as Vagbhata clearly show that everyone needs it. It is imperative for people recovering treatment for long periods with antibiotics and also for women after the menopause transition.

Benefits of Panchakarma?
Some benefits demonstrated by scientific studies:
• Increases the capacity of detoxification of the liver.
• Decreases risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
• Improves blood pressure.
• Increases by 80% the level of intestinal peptide that acts as a vasodilator after three months of treatment.
• Decreases levels of total cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol by 7.5%.
• Reduces stress, fatigue, states of depression and anxiety after 10 weeks of treatment.
• Increases vitality, endurance of the body.

I always like to know if there is a best time of year to do certain things, and not that I really know when Monsoon season is; it apparently is the best time to undergo cleansing.


Perhaps I had been a little overly optimistic.

Lol, last night I went to get something to eat in the area in which I am staying. They seemed to speak and understand English fairly well when I asked what the best thing to eat was, and enthusiastic to boot. When I pointed to the prepackaged paperboard container the chef was pulling from the microwave and asked, if that was my food? Lol, cooked in the microwave? They had spontaneously forgotten any English they once had know and lost all interest in me.

Now I am not a full-on foodie, whatsoever. I enjoy nice meals, tasty, nourishing, interesting, inspiring meals. But I certainly focus on and remember the company with which I’ve shared fantastic meals.

I have a dazzling memory of first having Coney Island Dogs with my friend Todd in his local area of Massachusetts. Lol, I can still remember the surroundings and the taste. We were visiting where he had most recently lived and we went to the “package store” for lunch. Of course I said, I would have whatever he suggested. A Coney Island dog is not a culinary delicacy, and probably considered far from. But it is a wonderful memory for me.

The other night, the Norwegian couple invited me out to dinner with them. Another female friend from Sweden and her male visitor came along as well. I had the un pleasure of sitting next to said male friend. Apparently he had visited the Caribbean at some point as it came up in conversation. The company inquired about the local cuisine which he quickly discounted as just bad. I tried to er a word in edgewise, which was quite a challenge. And then when you feel you have to burst into a conversation to even participate, it certainly dulls the sparkle of the moment. So I tried to contribute that during one of my many family trips to the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, French West Indies, Northern Antilles (?)… that the memories I have were not of the food itself. When you are in such an incredible place, enjoying those closest to you, what is the point of a meal beyond gathering together for replenishment.

Some of my favorite memories are of being on a sailboat with my sisters and parents. As well as being on a sailboat with friends. Waking up together. Breakfast, coffee, bathroom run if possible. Pulling anchor and setting sail. Snacking or a light lunch while underway. Dropping anchor, swimming, showering. Dressing in dry clothes and either taking the dinghy to shore for a meal, or cooking what we had or had caught on the boat. Evening were a time of lingering at the table. Playing cards, talking, laughing. Then slowly one by one retiring to our bunks with the anticipation of doing it all over again.

Not sure where this story started, but it has finished in a very comforting, cozy and happy place in my memory.



Today marks two weeks of this stretch of travel.  There have certainly been highlights and lowlights, but not a lot of nav lights.  I have spent only a single sleepless night on a sailboat, the boat I had come across to get on to begin with.  That may be another story, but a story indeed.  I have spent many nights on ferry boats, but there is no way that counts for sea time.

These past few days are a story in themselves as well.  I have to focus on continuing to share my experience as it happens since I struggle terribly to recall the sights, smells and feeling that make up my experiences once they have passed.

So I currently am sitting in a café in Cecina, Italy, in the Tuscan area, Liverno region.  I’m not sure about the details.  I know I arrived here terribly exhausted and may have learned a lesson that I cannot enjoy myself if I travel so terribly hard and overnight with little or interrupted rest.  My tank was empty and I was feeling vulnerable and emotional.  I just wanted to curl up under the covers for a few days and cuddle, rest, and replenish myself.  To a degree that did happen and I feel so much better.

I have realized that I would prefer to travel with a lighter bag and intend to remedy that at my next stop.  My Russian friend from Germany told me to just unload my bag at a local flea market.  We laughed a lot, particularly since we met on the ferry from Zadar, Croatia, to Ancona, Italy and when we arrived, a group of us all dragged our luggage about… I don’t know how far to the train station but I was so hot and sweaty carrying that bag, we were dying laughing.  Four trains later, and a car ride, it was straight to the shower for me.  Blech, that was a stint on about 36 hours straight of traveling, overnight.  I think those wipe me out pretty seriously.  As cozy as I think I can get myself in a little sleeping cocoon and eyeshade on a ferry, it cannot be the kind of rest that is actually rejuvenating.

So I am now making my way to Mur de Sologne for a European Yoga Festival and I am incredibly excited.  I do not have a ticket or any accommodations planned, and it looks to be about a two day trip to arrive.  I have participated in a similar event in the Massachusetts Berkshires last summer and I feel it changed the vibration of my being.  Higher.  Clearer.  The positive energy of the group is something I had never experienced before.

*The above photo montage is entitled: “What actually is a Macchiato? | Something to try. | Not my preference.” Lol


Ok I want to get something up while I have internet and before I board to train this evening.  I realize I was struggling since I don’t know that my travel experiences have ever really been about the place, as much as they have been about the interaction and experiences I share with those who are in my company.  It certainly is a realization and I am working to listen to myself as the loudest voice of direction and take everything else as ideas.




Post from Rachel of Soulful Work: Ways to Develop Your Intuition


Tapping into the Quiet Whisper

Greetings all,

Did you know that our intuition, that little voice that is always with us, can help guide us in any moment of our lives?

With decision-making, sparks of creative ideas, nudging us to reach out to someone, keeping us safe from danger, and even guiding us to a place where something aligned with our soul purpose lies waiting for us!

Here are a few other ideas in this video (I shared with the Soulful Work Community but thought you also might find it helpful in some way!) on how to more fully develop your intuition, not only to guide you in your life, but to communicate with higher guidance as well.

We can all enhance our intuition through:

1) Meditation (quieting your mind).. remembering that prayer is asking and meditation is receiving.

2) Calling in Divine light. To the crown chakra (the top of your head). It can heal and transform. Also activate the third eye (pineal gland) to expand your psychic gifts (which we all have!).

3) Asking higher guidance for help. Just ask! And then be open to receiving the answer. You may receive through various sense (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance). Or you may receive messages/information in your dreams. Or in waking life (messages on street signs/license plates, number sequences on clocks/addresses, songs on radio, etc).
Upcoming Live Workshops:
Raising Your Vibration: Release Fear and
Embrace Flow
These times we are in can feel confusing and overwhelming with so much coming at us from all angles. Personally, I find that when I connect with my inner core and consciously focus on integrating new energies into my body, once that I choose for myself (not inflicted upon me), I find myself much more able to listen to and trust my intuition to guide me.

Sound frequencies and writing with our hands can be incredibly effective tools to 1) uplift the energy in our bodies and clear out any negativities, 2) release what we no longer want to carry in our lives and 3) create what we intend to bring about (because we CAN create our experiences by adjusting our own frequencies!)

Ben Carroll of InnerSelfSustained and I are offering a 2 1/2 hour workshop this coming Sunday, July 16th from 4-6:30 pm at Magnolia with crystal singing bowls, deep meditation/potential information from the spirit realm, and writing processing of what’s inside you and what you want to create.

It should be a transformative evening and hope to see some of you there.

Workshop Series at Willard Beach Studio in South Portland, Maine (sign up for all three at once and get $15 off!):

  • Thriving as a “Spiritual Introvert: How to Go Outside Your Comfort Zone and Take Action, Tuesday July 18th, 5:30-7:30 pm.“I observe more than I speak. Just because I’m not saying anything doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.” Introverts constitute only 1/3 of the population, but have a quiet power than cannot be underestimated. But we spend so much time observing others as introverts, and sometimes this leads to comparing ourselves to others, feeling bad about who we are… this can lead to negative thinking and almost like a state of paralysis. So what do you want to share with the world? And how can you reconcile these two parts of you? One that wants to just be alone and be quiet and feels comfortable doing that, but another that wants to shine a light and share a gift. It is a delicate balance, and in an upcoming workshop at Willard Beach Studio (this Tuesday) I will help you work through this duality through guided meditation, writing reflection, a “personality analysis,” and developing action steps to take in your life.
  • Talking to Spirit and Angelic Guides, Tuesday August 8th, 5:30-7:30 pm
  • The “Real” Law of Attraction, Tuesday August 22nd, 5:30-7:30 pm

Workshop Series at Soma Massage & Wellness in South Portland, Maine (sign up for all three and get $15 off!):

  • Quiet the Mind in Everyday Life, Sunday July 23rd, 5-6:30 pm. You may have tried meditation in the past but haven’t found a reason to stick to it. Maybe it seems too overwhelming or too difficult to prioritize. Instead of setting yourself up to just try something else that you feel bad about not completing, what if you were to change your approach completely by essentially re-training your brain? In this workshop at Soma Massage & Wellness, we will explore how other areas of your life can be transformed through meditation (or simply “quieting the thinking mind”). You will learn about how powerful our thoughts and emotions are in shaping our daily realities, and how we can become more aware of their impact through quieting our minds. After a short talk, we will do a group exercise, a guided meditation and write down how we plan to integrate this practice into our everyday lives. You will leave with practical tools and a plan of action!
  • Manifesting Your True, Abundant Self, Sunday August 6th, 5-6:30 pm
  • Higher Guidance & Intuition, Sunday August 27th, 5-6:30 pm

There’s still time for summer discounts on intuitive guidance sessions and coaching!

Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful days this summer if you’re in Maine and wherever you are! We in the Soulful Work Community have been gathering regularly and having an amazing time connecting, learning and growing together. It has truly been so much more than I expected, an outpouring of love and support,amplifying our own energy and sharing that with others. Check it out and save your spot for this fall!

With joy and hope,



Wow! That flight back to Boston from Bermuda was slick!  Just under two hours and you are already cleared through customs and immigration before you get on the plane.  Apparently you cannot use an ticket at the airport in Bermuda, but I had to check a bag anyways so I was able to get a printed boarding pass.

After stressing and stressing about how I will travel to Zadar, Croatia in order to board the Beneteau 50 I will be staying on for several weeks, I come to find that plans have abruptly changed.  The boat was unable to immigrate into Croatia without a Croatian captain’s license and is now beginning to travel back down where I will meet them in Athens or Corfu around the 22nd.  I am hoping I will be able to have a little fun traveling and seeing a part of the world I have never experienced before!

Departure is upon me

After weeks of planning and trying to predict the future, a few sleepless nights and a rough several past hours, I am finally en route to Bermuda. It was bittersweet leaving friends in Maine, but it is reassuring that they are people I will surely miss while I’m away, connection Is am grateful to have made.

Traveling has been smooth and uneventful so far.