July 9, 2017

Wow! That flight back to Boston from Bermuda was slick!  Just under two hours and you are already cleared through customs and immigration before you get on the plane.  Apparently you cannot use an ticket at the airport in Bermuda, but I had to check a bag anyways so I was able to get a printed boarding pass.

After stressing and stressing about how I will travel to Zadar, Croatia in order to board the Beneteau 50 I will be staying on for several weeks, I come to find that plans have abruptly changed.  The boat was unable to immigrate into Croatia without a Croatian captain’s license and is now beginning to travel back down where I will meet them in Athens or Corfu around the 22nd.  I am hoping I will be able to have a little fun traveling and seeing a part of the world I have never experienced before!

By Lindsay

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