August 24, 2017

I have made my way to visit the Swendsens in Sandefjord, Norway.  I am always tired from flying, and I am beginning to think it is from the stress of going thru an airport and dealing with the people in it.  So I will try and just unload all the thoughts, sites and conversations I have been having and wish to share.

  • There was a huge whaling scene in olden Sandefjord
  • I went thru the oldest city in Norway on the train today, Treinanfjord?
  • How much I miss going for walks and talks with girl friends
  • How amazing using nearly all candle light in the evening/ night can be
  • Baking delicious, hearty bread— light lunch spread with pate, cheese, meats, butter, jam, tomato mackerel, caviar paste mayonnaise
  • If you buy a public transport ticket in Oslo, it is good for all forms: boats, buses, trains
  • Mushroom hunting and making mushroom pies (tarts)

By Lindsay

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