…and back in Bermuda

July 4, 2017

Wow, so it seems difficult to recap what I have just experienced over the past week.  Which is a good reminder for me to try and post and update as I go that it does not become a feat in the end.  I would also really love to be able to post pictures as I go, with or without internet access so if anyone has any suggestions please share them below.

So my Bermuda to Antigua delivery turned into a departure from Bermuda, a +/-160nm trip offshore, numerous system failures and then three and a half days limping back to Bermuda in the doldrums of 2-4kts of wind.  Still a very interesting trip, particularly when you put four strangers in a stressful scenario.  Lol, that just reminded my of the concept for mTV’s The Real World.  I may have a show here.

I have much to share regarding the trip and some of the characters in this particular episode, but as I have just arrived back in Hamilton, off of the boat I may need a moment to settle as I have been hustlin’ big time.  I am planning to head back to Maine for a few days before traveling to Croatia to get on a yacht for the next 1-2 months which will sail through the Greek Islands and arrive in Istanbul in August.  I feel lucky to have essentially a dry run to get the kinks out and know what I needed to pack and what I did not need.  I have never been sailing in the Mediterranean and I am very much looking forward to it!!

Just settling for the evening.  My first on land in about ten days.  And then laundry!

By Lindsay

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