July 12, 2017

Holy cow.  After a few days back in Maine, getting hit hard with a cold, I am now on the train to Boston… to catch a flight to Italy, via Portugal, to get on a ferry to Zadar, Croatia!  I think I planned it well, that I will have a sleeping cabin on the ferry with a shower that will be overnight so I perhaps can get rested after flying for two days.  And hopefully have a nice shower before I get off in Zadar at 7am.  I am actually pretty pleased with this plan as I tend to need a sort of “landing” experience once I fly somewhere, or else I am kind of running off kilter for a while.  I plan to make an effort to take as good care of myself as possible over the next few days of traveling and I am desperately hoping my cold will dissipate!

I did get a surprising bit of news that JojoMaria, the 50′ Beneteau I am boarding for the summer was unable to immigrate into Croatian waters.  I was told, they were told, they needed to have a captain with a Croatian license.  I found that out just after I pulled the trigger and bought my tickets to get over there.  But if I had known, perhaps I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see Croatia this time!  Meant to be, I’m sure.  It will also give me a chance to connect with the friend I made at the Air Bnb in Bermuda.  Did I ever share that part?  I made a friend who live in NY, but is from Montenegro and is currently home for a three week visit, I am hoping to connect with him and perhaps do a little traveling together.  I am making an effort to learn some Croatian phrases, but I do not have much in my wheelhouse to connect it to.

So I need to be in Corfu, Greece by the night of the 17th, in order to be on the boat to depart the 18th, which is the current plan to the best of my understanding. I would absolutely l-o-v-e to travel from Croatia by sea, and I will continue to put that desire out there.  that would be incredible!  The islands and the Adriatic Sea look amazing.

I cannot believe how lucky I am and how things have really changed for m hint he last year.  It has been pretty comical, reflecting on that with friends and family.  A year ago, today… Lol.  This past year at the Landing School seems as though it were destined to be, a lot of stars had to align to put me in those places at those times.

By Lindsay

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